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The Good Food Council of Lewiston-Auburn (GFCLA) recently received a $3,000 grant from the Rural Grants Fund, Dick Kendall Fund for Androscoggin County and Lawrence P. Ralston Fund of the Maine Community Foundation. Androscoggin Valley Council of Governments (AVCOG) is acting as the GFCLA’s fiscal sponsor. The support will be used to increase the GFCLA Coordinator’s hours and to enhance the Council’s outreach and education activities.

“This grant will allow us to reach critical milestones on numerous projects ranging from Farm to Institution, nutrition education, good food policy and more,” said Deb Burd, Council Chair. “For example, we are very excited to host Androscoggin county’s first Meet the Buyers gathering in November. The focus will be on building relationships between farmers and institutional food purchasers. The opportunity provided by this grant to increase our staff support will help to ensure success.”


Organized in the summer of 2012, the Good Food Council of Lewiston-Auburn was formed to create and support improvements to the food system of the Lewiston-Auburn community. The Council’s strategies include educating the public and serving as forum for discussing issues, fostering coordination between sectors in the food system, evaluating and influencing policy, and supporting programs that meet local needs. For more information, visit www.goodfood4la.org or call (207) 346-0538.


A statewide organization with offices in Ellsworth and Portland, the Maine Community Foundation partners with donors and nonprofits to strengthen Maine communities. For more information, visit www.mainecf.org or call 1-877-700-6800.


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