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Community Food Assessment

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Initiated in 2009, the Community Food Assessment is a study of Lewiston’s food landscape focused on building a deep understanding of where food resources are, how people access them, and what barriers exist to that access.

The assessment addresses a range of issues, including:

  • To what extent is household food insecurity a problem in Lewiston and who is at high risk?
  • What does the food resource environment look like? Is healthy food available, accessible, and affordable? Where do people get healthy foods?
  • What are the specific barriers that prevent people from accessing healthy food in Lewiston? How do people get to their food sources?
  • To what extent is household food insecurity in Lewiston determined by community food resources; accessibility, availability, and affordability of healthy foods; and/or socioeconomic, demographic, and geographic characteristics?
  • What resources and community factors are assets in strengthening our food system?

A detailed history of the Community Food Assessment process can be found on the History page.