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We are honored to give a 2023 Youth Food Champion Award to Brayden Nadeau.

Brayden is a 13-year-old Auburn resident, who, several years ago, began farming his grandfather’s land—both growing food and taking care of livestock—and operating his own vegetable stand. He has been featured in the Washington Post, the Sun Journal, and Scholastic News and has received additional national attention for the work he does for providing food to his community at such a young age. In a Washington Post article, Brayden is quoted as saying “I really enjoy [farming] — even getting up at 5 in the morning. I’m not into video games and goofing around on my phone like some of my friends. I’d rather be busy on the farm.”

Brayden is also civically engaged in his community, showing up to city council meetings and sharing his experiential knowledge with elected officials and community members on issues that are important to him. This year, when the city was considering significant land use changes that could have an impact on farm businesses in the Agriculture and Natural Resource Protection Zone in which Brayden’s farm is located, he shared his concerns at a city council meeting. Brayden also joined a separate city council meeting to announce donations he was offering of fall harvest vegetables to senior residents living in public housing. Such incredible work from someone so young. 

Congratulations and thank you to Brayden for all the work you’ve done as an independent farmer and food entrepreneur. 

ABOUT: Those honored with Youth Food Champion Awards are individual youth or youth groups from the greater Lewiston-Auburn area who strive to create a more vibrant and healthy food system from farm-to-fork. Those honored with awards ‘lead by example’ in one, or more, of the five principles of the LA Community Food Charter. Learn more about the other 2023 Food Charter Champion Award winners here.

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