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2024 Sponsor Levels & Benefits

Good Food For All: $1200 Because sustained support is needed for this ultimate goal!

BENEFITS – All below, plus Honored as a Presenting Sponsor of the LAUNCH of the updated Lewiston Auburn Local Foods Action Plan!  Following the 150-person community workshop to update the Action Plan held this past fall, this free community event with food and festivities will celebrate the completion of the updated Action Plan to advance the local food system + economy for the next 3-5 years with leadership commitments from local businesses, organizations, and municipalities. To be held by summer 2024.


Changemaker Champion: $800 Because positive change requires an investment!

BENEFITS – All below, plus Recognized as a Featured Sponsor of the LAUNCH of the Lewiston Auburn Local Foods Action Plan event described above, AND special verbal thanks at GFCLA events

Bountiful Harvest: $500 Because it requires dedication!

BENEFITS – All below, plus in-person logo placement at GFCLA events

Pollinator: $250 Because community support is essential to bear the most fruit! 

BENEFITS – All below, plus opportunity to show why you support local food + collaboration with a photo and quote featured on GoodFood4LA.org and social media.

Broadfork Sponsor: $150 Because a job is much easier with the right tools! 

BENEFITS – All below 


No donation is too small — donations of any amount are appreciated and will receive a heartfelt thanks!

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